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Do you want to re-ignite that inner spark?

Would you like to take charge of your thinking and get to where you want to be in life?

Or get the people on your team energised, engaged, productive and powerful?

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You’re here because you know something needs to change…for good!

Perhaps you’ve decided now is the time to take back control of your life, your work, your health and your future.

Maybe you manage a team who’s performance is flagging and they’re not achieving what you know they could.

Or you ‘d like to discover a new way of thinking that really empowers you to take complete charge of all aspects of your life and achieve your goals and aspirations with greater ease.

Well you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to AboveBeyond – here to help you discover the perfect solution for you or your team, that ignites your spark, fuels engagement and achieves the powerful, positive and permanent results you’re after…

This is not another quick fix – it will fix things quickly, with long term results.

How I Can Help You

Coaching – Life & Business

Learn to take charge of your thinking and take control of your life. I use a toolkit of science-backed techniques that focus on you as a whole. I’m pragmatic, solution focused and I will hold your toes to the fire. I have the skills to help you quickly shift your thinking and change your mindset and you will achieve incredible results if that’s what you choose as ultimately you are always in control.

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NLP Training

AboveBeyond offers a full range of NLP training courses in Bristol on several dates throughout the year.  They are certified by the American Board of NLP, the American Board of Hypnosis and the Time Line Therapy  Association™.

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Team Coaching

As well as working with individual clients, we work within busy offices and offer practical sessions designed to increase the health and productivity of staff. Your members of staff are your most important assets. They are the heart of your business and of course you want them to succeed, stay with you and be happy.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

I recently attended a one day workshop with AboveBeyond and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I cannot think of a small business owner who wouldn't benefit from working with Fenella. Her insightful approach coupled with the opportunity to engage in practical sessions meant that the day was jam packed with really relevant techniques that I am already applying in my own business. Thank you again for a really useful day.

Karen Cook – Business Strategist, Bristol

I recently attended NLP - A Day of Discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and learnt so much about the principles of NLP and how these can be applied in day to day life. The content is fascinating and well delivered with a good mix of presentation teaching and interactive practical sessions. This course will increase your awareness of your own behaviours and will help to guide you towards taking control of your life - both at home and at work. It also gives valuable insight into the behaviours of others and how to maximise your interactions and relationships. I would highly recommend!

Kerry Seymour – Bristol

I attended a day of NLP introduction run by AboveBeyond Coaching. The course material was fascinating and, although it was an introduction, I felt we benefited from a wealth of information. Fenella's presentation style was friendly and engaging, and I left the course feeling I had learned a lot of practical information that I could share with my team and put into use immediately. Highly recommended for anyone running a small business, managing a team, and interacting with clients

Helen Hart – Bristol

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