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About Me

Hi, I’m Fenella Hemus

In May 2003 I decided that life was for living –  I mean every day, to the full, not worrying about things that really weren’t important, noticing things, being in the here and now (mindfulness being the current word). Learning, connecting and having adventures.

I was in the adventure playground I ran being faced by a barrage of abuse from a young woman and I just lost it, I mean big time and a barrage of abuse came out of my mouth right back at her.

Time to go I decided, not just for her but me and so I said goodbye to over 10 years of working in adventure play and with children. Grief and burnout had sneaked up behind me and bit me on the backside when I lost my cool big time.

In the previous 2 years I’d lost both my brothers and my dad in 3 separate ways. I’d carried on, being strong because that’s who I was, so I thought. I focused on supporting the children who came to the playground, who’s lives were messy, who’s parent’s were absent. I managed a team of staff, dealt with fires, abuse, theft with a director who was also absent.

So I ran away you might say, to find myself, to have adventures and live every day…not quite as if it were my last but you get the drift.

I had loads of adventures and some near misses, I learned Spanish, climbed mountains, trekked, walked puma’s in the jungle and worked with street kids in Cali, Colombia. I met the most amazing people and learned a huge amount about connecting, resilience and looking after each other.

 When I got back the first time, I started training as a PT (I’d trained myself in the gym for several years). After coming back the second time, I became a PT in addition to being a freelance Equality & Diversity and Playwork trainer.

I’d been interested in nutrition since I was at school, becoming a vegetarian and vegan so it was a natural progression to train in nutrition coaching too.

Learning has been an integral part of my life, I’m always learning and researching to keep up with new ideas and scientific discovery. It’s been a part of my personal journey to challenge who I am and develop myself and how I interact and live in the world.

Studying NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ brought everything together. I’d often been frustrated by how some of my clients, sabotaged their success by their unconscious thoughts and behaviours. The final pieces of the jigsaw slotted in together and brought me to where I am today…

..working with the whole person, helping them to uncover skills and resources they’d forgotten they have, so they can regain their spark, get more energy and strength and fulfill their true potential.  It’s the most amazing and rewarding job, being able to see people unfold and grow into their power and thrive once again.

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