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Introductory NLP Courses

Introductory NLP Courses in Bristol

NLP – A Day of Discovery

Are you curious about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)? Perhaps you’ve heard from others how practical and effective it is; how it can literally change people’s lives and you’d like to discover more for yourself?

This day will give you a real flavour of NLP – the study of  how to use our mind to create more of what we want in life – be that better relationships, more success in business or our career and to reach our full potential. 

You’ll leave with some tools you can use straight away.

Are you…

  • A small business owner who is looking to increase your confidence, effectiveness and success?

  • Keen to know how to get the best from yourself to accelerate your career or start a business? 

  • A physiotherapist, personal trainer or coach who’d like to get better long term results with the most challenging clients?

  • Looking to enhance your communication and increase your influence with others?

  • Curious to know more about how other people ‘tick’?

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You will:

  • See how the mind works; how and why we think, feel and behave the way we do

  • Hear how to connect more deeply and increase your influence with anyone

  • Find out how to get your message understood the way you intend it

  • Grasp how to get charge of your state of mind and feelings when you need to

  • Explore a different way of goal setting that maximises your motivation.

So you can:

  • Communicate more effectively with anyone and everyone

  • Take control of your emotions in a variety of situations

  • Understand other people better

  • Set goals that really motivate you

  • Stop having those same arguments that never get resolved

  • Increase your confidence.

How valuable would it be for you  to discover new techniques and ways of thinking that can enhance your self-awareness and confidence to help you go on to achieve your full potential and create your perfect version of success in life? And if you’re already doing really well, NLP can increase your success still further!

Course dates: 2021 (online until further notice)

Saturday 23rd January (free event)

Saturday 13th March (tbc)

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Book NLP – A Day of Discovery Course

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