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Working with Fenella was one of the best decisions I made during lockdown. I originally began the sessions to look at my behaviour and approach to parenting in order for me to do my best to not share my stress with my children. Due to her curious nature and powerful listening skills she walked along side me as I began to explore my behaviour and beliefs. I found her sessions both therapeutic and enlightening. I definitely feel like working with Fenella helped the fog clear and allowed me to feel more empowered during a very tricky time.

E. Hatfield – Coach

Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner training – I would say to anyone is education and therapy that this course could well be the best, most useful course you ever do. It will help you to make better, ever more effective use of what you already know, plus provide you with a whole new toolkit, approach and set of extremely useful life-changing, transformative resources that you can then use with and in some cases teach to your clients or pupils as students, so they can better empower themselves and make the changes they want to make, or learn the things they want to learn.

Orla Kirby – Solution Focused Hypnotherapist 

My one-day Breakthrough Session with Fenella was life-changing. This intervention helped me to gain energy, clarity and focus for a personal change issue that was on the top of my agenda but I kept procrastinating for a long time.

It was of enormous value; I now have a totally new approach to my everyday behaviour and priorities to support my transformation. Now there are no excuses and I effortlessly find new ways insert my new behaviours and the same time to be flexible in the environment I happen to be at any time. Now there is an automatic re-adjustment of my behaviour, to support my future success.

If you are seeking someone to support you to make positive changes to your life or career in any way, then look no further than Fenella. I wholeheartedly recommend her, she will have complete commitment to you and desire for your success.

NLP really works! The results are incredibly fast and for the long term. A Personal Breakthrough Session is an amazing transformational process where you can have life-changing results in a surprisingly short time!

George Diakonikolaou – Managing Director, Project Management Coach Ltd.

I spent six months working with Fenella on the back of reaching a crossroads in life and my business. I had met Fenella networking some 12 months before and recalled enjoying her outlook and approach. I often go with gut instinct, which has served me well on many occasions. In the time we worked together Fenella provided me with an exceptional resource, helping me to:
  • Confidently unload my thoughts without any concern or discomfort. The trust was there from day one.
  • Through training, anchor my thoughts to help me keep control, overcome barriers and start to set clear actions in my head.
  • Logically structure my thoughts aligned to personal and business goals.

I would highly recommend working with Fenella if you need a process to offload, anchor and find clarity in your mind. Thank you for all of your help Fenella. It was brilliant to have your support during those 6 months.

R. Jones – Business owner

I have been working for Fenella for several months as a client. She has been using NLP to help me explore and alter negative patterns in my personal and professional life. I have found the sessions ultimately life-changing. Fenella has a wonderful, calm and warm manner and makes me feel very safe and supported. I feel that using NLP is a vital tool to help us improve both our professional and personal development and just wish I’d learnt about Fenella a lot earlier in my life!
Clare Forestier – Event Emcee and Public Speaking Coach

Thank you, seriously, from the bottom of my heart for your insight, clarity, dedication and innovation. Your work provides people with real choice and therefore power over their lives. The end result for me is incredibly freeing because I have control where previously I thought I had very little.  Thanks Fenella! Genuinely, you are the business.

LW – Bristol

I recently attended NLP – A Day of Discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and learnt so much about the principles of NLP and how these can be applied in day to day life. The content is fascinating and well delivered with a good mix of presentation teaching and interactive practical sessions. This course will increase your awareness of your own behaviours and will help to guide you towards taking control of your life – both at home and at work. It also gives valuable insight into the behaviours of others and how to maximise your interactions and relationships. I would highly recommend!

Kerry Seymour - Hypnotherapist

I recently attended a one day workshop with AboveBeyond and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. I cannot think of a small business owner who wouldn’t benefit from working with Fenella. Her insightful approach coupled with the opportunity to engage in practical sessions meant that the day was jam packed with really relevant techniques that I am already applying in my own business. Thank you again for a really useful day.

Karen Cook – Business Strategist

I attended a day of NLP introduction run by AboveBeyond Coaching. The course material was fascinating and, although it was an introduction, I felt we benefited from a wealth of information. Fenella’s presentation style was friendly and engaging, and I left the course feeling I had learned a lot of practical information that I could share with my team and put into use immediately. Highly recommended for anyone running a small business, managing a team, and interacting with clients. 

Helen Hart – CEO Publishing Company

A fascinating course, really well delivered with great materials. The training has given me a sense of having even more options in my management of self and I have come away feeling more energised and positive.  The trainer’s dedication to and love of NLP came through – very knowledgeable and informative. I felt the trainer was very serious about teaching the course properly and I was working with a very honest person who whilst quite serious was generous spirited and supportive.

Martin Walsh

I attended a one day workshop. From the beginning of the session until the close, Fenella demonstrated a contagious enthusiasm for NLP and a rich knowledge and understanding. Fenella is a totally engaging practitioner and I found the course thoroughly thought provoking. It was empowering to realise that I could implement some of the tools and practices immediately into both my personal and professional life, and subsequently enable instantaneous results. l left the session with an inclination to do exactly that. Thank you Fenella!

Hayley Welton – Teacher

I worked with Fenella recently to help refocus my life and understand what it was I have truly been looking for. She is calm, understanding, warm and has been instrumental in my beginning to have a brighter and clearer vision for my life.

I feel a weight has been lifted and understand now what I need to do to access my own future self. For the first time in years I’m looking ahead and feeling excited about what’s to come in all areas of my life professional and personal. Having someone outside of my own network that was able to listen and provide me with relevant and real feedback on my own thought process has been invaluable and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Anharad Armitstead – Account Director

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