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A while ago I found myself at the bottom of my own metaphorical (and seemingly insurmountable) cliff face, standing in the shadow looking up, feeling small…

“All I wanted to do was get to the top in the sun! Now, the easy thing to do would be to hop on the tourist shuttle at the bottom of the cliff and get up there as quickly as possible: but something told me there was a better way…

Whilst I’m absolutely not one for making life any harder than it has to be (quite the opposite), I had to question what I would learn from taking the shuttle… I concluded…not a lot.

The other option was to try to climb the wall by myself – who knows, I may have achieved some success. Eventually though, I opted to accept the help of a guide, someone to teach me the skills and techniques to safely and securely make the journey myself.

Geared up in my harness and rock shoes and tied in securely to my rope, I tentatively started to climb, focusing on what I’d been taught. I tested my footholds and felt my way with my hands – my guide’s voice encouraging me upwards, offering tips, building my confidence and self-belief.

Moving from position to position, getting in balance, I could just about see the ledge above me. A final push and I’d be there. Motivated by my guide who was encouragingly beside me every step of the way, I steadily picked my way to the top!

Once there, my breath was taken by the view that lay beyond and with a rush of endorphins, I realised how much clearer it was up here. From the top of my ledge, I could see all the choices open to me, I’d gained a new clarity… and I’d never felt such an amazing sense of achievement – because actually, I’d done it myself!”

Life has a way of making you forget how challenging things can be. The route I took was just perfect for me and precisely what I needed to do.

To change our outcome we have to change our perspective and thinking. As a coach I can guide you (as mine did) to turn your life into what you really want it to be. Are you ready to make those changes?

Conquer your rock face and find your strength and energy for life.

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